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Little & brave is a non-profit initiative that aims to support parents, caregivers and teachers with psychoeducative interventions based on evidence-based psychological theories (specifically Attachment Theory).

We aim to support parents and teachers by introducing practical advice and interventions that help develop relational trust between children and their peers, teachers and parents.

Kids Playing with Chalk


Our mission is to create a safer, kinder world for children so that they can grow up to thrive in their relationships and work.

We believe that early intervention is key to healthy development and want to ensure that teachers and parents are fully informed of the importance of the attachment bond so that they can seek support and guidance to ensure their children feel safe and heard.



Products & Services

Little & brave aims to provide South African’s with freely available resources to help with therapeutic parenting/caregiving. These interventions include (but are not limited to); informative posters (printables), affordable workshops hosted by psychologists, books and toys that foster secure attachment between caregivers and children (tools to develop emotional literacy). The initiative also aims to build support networks for mothers/caregivers and children.

Teacher and Student
Mother and Baby on Floor


  • We aim to design interventions that can be launched across South African Schools. This involves the printing and distribution of posters to clinics, schools and community centres. 

  • We also aim to provide affordable and accessible workshops that are hosted by psychologists and clinicians. We believe that informing teachers about attachment styles could enhance their teaching experience and provide invaluable insight into childrens' behaviour patterns.

  • We aim to translate complicated psychological terms and methods into relatable and practical games/books.

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